Why Study Bible Prophecy



There has been a renewed interest in recent years by millions of people all over the world regarding what the Bible has to say about the future because of the events on 9/11 in America, the current events in the Middle East, and now as the world deals with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Why? Because only in the Bible do we find God revealing to us in detail the future of this planet and its inhabitants.

Dr. Gonzalez explains that although Scripture is clear that the exact time of future prophetic events is unknown and that Christians are not to attempt to set dates and times, many scholars and students of prophecy agree that their time of fulfillment is fast approaching. The Bible does say that the general period can be known or discerned, and without a doubt, the signs of the times clearly seem to indicate the nearness of these events.

In this study entitled Why Study Bible Prophecy, Dr. Gonzalez will provide seven reasons as to why Christians and non-Christians alike should study Bible prophecy.



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