Few doctrines of Scripture are more precious and comforting than the doctrine of eternal security or God’s preservation of the saints.

Jude concludes his epistle with a formal doxology. It includes a prayer for all Christians. He wanted to assure us of God's ability to help us remain faithful despite the apostasy and false teaching that threatens us. As he closes his letter, he assures the believer that his foundation is firm and secure in Christ.

In his exposition of Jude’s doxology, Dr Gonzalez explains that the doctrine of the preservation of the saints is necessary to a proper understanding of the Gospel, for if salvation can be lost, then the life we were given, and have in Christ is not truly eternal or everlasting. If salvation can be lost, then salvation is ultimately dependent on us and not God. If we have no security, we can have no real confidence, comfort, peace, and hope. He reminds us that the Bible clearly teaches that our salvation and eternal security are of the Lord. Just as He alone saves us, He alone ensures our preservation.



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