Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson penned these words in his famous poem entitled In Memoriam, “one great Divine event toward which all creation moves.” I do not think any human author has ever penned a better description of the Second Coming of Christ than he did in that phrase. How important is the Second Coming? Well, consider this, 23 out of the 27 New Testament books and every author mention it, it is referenced in seven out of every ten chapters (about one in every thirty verses), for a total of over 300 times in the New Testament alone. In the Old Testament, the Second coming of Christ is the dominant theme of every prophet and it is mentioned over 15 times. Based on those facts alone we can easily conclude that the Second Coming of Christ is clearly one of the most important biblical themes.

In this study entitled The Second Coming of Christ, Dr. Gonzalez covers both the certainty of Christ’s second coming and the ground rules for interpreting prophecy.



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