After denouncing the false teachers by calling them ungodly four times in verse 15, Jude next highlights four areas of ungodliness. False teachers grumble and complain, they indulge their own lusts, are boastful and swollen with pride, and use flattery to get what they want.

All people are vulnerable to heresies and to temptations toward immoral living. Jude encourages Christians to remain firm in their faith and trust in God's promises for their future. This encouraging word is needed because we are living during a time of increasing disloyalty to the faith. Today, we are just as vulnerable to doctrinal error as those to whom Jude wrote. We too are tempted to give in to sin. Although there are many false teachers and much false teaching around us, we don’t need to be afraid or give up in discouragement—God will keep us from stumbling, and soon He will bring us into his presence and give us everlasting joy.



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