There are several passages in Scripture, both in the Old and New Testaments that clearly indicate that the Antichrist will be endowed by Satan with great abilities and power. Dr. Gonzalez explains that he will be precisely the kind of individual that the world is ready for, a charismatic personality who will successfully and easily win over the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of the earth. The Bible suggests the following things about him: He will be a great leader, someone with an incredible ability to solve complex problems and who will be able to take control of situations. He will be very smart, perhaps a highly educated individual with a keen grasp of both economic and political matters. Considering the events taking place during his time of reign, he will be both brilliant and powerful militarily. Finally, his craftiness and oratorical abilities will enable him to persuade multitudes from all over the world to follow him. Dr. Gonzalez reminds us that his abilities, power, and authority to rule is given to him by Satan.

In this study, Dr. Gonzalez will also start his discussion about the False Prophet spoken of in the book of Revelation.



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