Antichrist is used once in 1 John 2:18. The title says something significant about his character and intentions. In relation to the Antichrist, the proposition anti carries with it or conveys two ideas: (1) the idea of opposition to Jesus and His mission or purpose, and (2) the idea of “in place of” or being a substitute. This will also hold true of the Antichrist since he will be Satan’s substitute messiah. He is also known as the “man of lawlessness” (2 Thess. 2:3). Since he lives outside of God’s laws, this title highlights his personal wickedness. In Revelation 13 and 14, he is called “the beast,” a title which clearly emphasizes his depravity and deep hostility towards God and God’s people. In Daniel 7:8, we find him called the “little” horn, a name which allows his pride and aggressiveness to be seen. It also speaks to the relative power that he will have because, often in the Old Testament, this term is used to describe power, such as a king.

Over the next four studies, Dr. Gonzalez will spend time teaching on the key figures of the Tribulation period. The first two studies will focus specifically on the Antichrist; during today’s study, Dr. Gonzalez will discuss the person of the Antichrist, during the second study, he will discuss the career of the Antichrist.



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